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About us

“We are aiming for sustainable, reasonable, environmentally-friendly growth that meets the expectations of our customers as well as new markets.”

Interview with Jean-Marc Dublanc

Chief Executive Officer

In the last few years, Adisseo has recorded rapid internal and external growth. Acquisitions as well as the multiple contractual relationships we have established with various industrial and academic partners, customers and suppliers, are meant to provide solutions for new markets and to better meet the expectations of our customers. Such is the case in aquaculture with the acquisition of Nutriad and the integration of Inodry through our subsidiary Innov’IA. In order to guarantee a sustainable growth model, we are keen to strike a perfect balance between economic and human development and the preservation of our planet’s resources. Our industrial and innovation investment efforts for a low-carbon economy, systematically take these essential aspects into consideration.


The use of our products and services generates many benefits in environmental terms, including a reduction in the quantity of food for livestock and the use of arable land, limitation in the consumption of natural resources, decrease in organic waste in livestock, and reduction in the use of phytosanitary products. Adisseo is also pursuing a policy to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. To this end, Adisseo has set itself ambitious new environmental goals. We are committed to reducing our water and energy consumption by 20% as well as our greenhouse gas emissions per kilogram of product over a ten-year period. Adisseo will thus contribute to the sustainable development objectives adopted in September 2015 by the UN’s 193 members states.


We always say that our three main stakeholders are the customers, staff members and shareholders to whom we associate all of civil society. Our desire is to share the value created by the company equitably between these various stakeholders. For the third time in six years, we have questioned all our collaborators across the world through a major satisfaction survey in order to seek their views on the company and gather their expectations. The results help us find responses together and work on implementing them. We attach great importance to developing our staff members’ skills for the long-term and ensuring diversity of profiles and equal opportunities. We also promote collaborative approaches through the layout of workspaces and by encouraging homeworking. Developing in a way that is compatible with our environment and our associates is the best guarantee for present and future growth.



Our customers are the focus of our attention and we provide increasingly innovative solutions to meet their needs. Adisseo attaches great importance to communicating and sharing with its stakeholders, whether customers, institutional representatives, shareholders, staff members, the general public, or the media, in order to guarantee access to the market for our products and foster trusted long-term relationships.

Making ourselves known and promoting our CSR approach

In order to tackle environmental challenges and address ethical and social justice as well as economic issues, Adisseo has increasingly been incorporating sustainable development issues in its activities.

Making ourselves known and promoting our actions in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a means to meet the expectations of several corporate stakeholders.

Seeking the acceptance of neighbouring residents for our industrial sites, showing the environmental benefits of our products and services, being an actor on the employment scene everywhere we operate, and establishing relationships with the authorities to better understand the regulatory constraints are all paths that we are following for better dialogue with our stakeholders.

About us

In December 2018, Georges Scheiber at the Methionine SBU welcomed Mrs Caroline Abadie and Mrs Monique Limon, deputies from Isère, Mr Jean-Luc Fugit, deputy from Rhône, and their parliamentary attachés on the Adisseo site in Saint-Clair-du-Rhône (France). The aim of the visit was to share the sustainable development actions carried out in our industrial sites. The meeting also enabled them to discuss issues of regulatory and industrial competitiveness.

About us

In September, Mrs Marie-Françoise Lecaillon, Prefect of Allier, and Mrs Marie-Thérèse Delaunay, Deputy Prefect of Montluçon, came over to the industrial platform in Commentry (France). The two State representatives visited the manufacturing workshops, the Prevention, Safety & Intervention Department, and finished with the CARAT research centre. They said they were very interested in the plant’s various activities and facilities, as well as the applications of Adisseo’s products in the fields of animal health and nutrition.

Throughout these multiple meetings, Adisseo has been able to show that its investment strategy is perfectly in line with local policies on sustainable development. These relationships also enable Adisseo to be recognized as a dynamic player with real expertise in the field.

Developing cooperation with Chinese partners

Adisseo took part in the first China International Import Exposition (CIIE) which took place in Shanghai and attracted more than 3000 companies from 130 countries.

Jean-Marc Dublanc said that the event was a sign of openness and transparency by China and that Adisseo was confident in its ability to accelerate growth in the Chinese market.

In view of this, partnerships have been signed with several major historical companies in China.

During the fair, Adisseo’s booth attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign visitors, providing an opportunity to present the whole range of our products and services.

A key performance indicator

The OTIF (On Time In Full) is an important customer satisfaction indicator. It measures the frequency with which customers receive their orders on the desired date and in the desired quantity. In 2018, aside from several improvements, important work was carried out for the reliability of this indicator.

About us

> The OTIF (On Tine In Full) customer satisfaction indicator remains stable at a high level

High-growth for Innov’IA

Innov’IA, a subsidiary of Adisseo and a European leader in the development and manufacturing of products in powder form, acquired two companies, Inodry  (100%) and Capsulae (80%) specialised in the field of formulation and the coating of microencapsulated products.

These operations have helped us develop synergies between the various organisations. Hence, Innov’ia is helping Capsulae industrialise its processes, and Inodry is strengthening Innov’ia’s industrial capacity thanks to their expertise in the manufacturing of production batches of all sizes.

For Adisseo, this combination of know-how will help strengthen its activities, expand its customer portfolio and welcome new skills in its area of excellence of animal feed.

Renewal of ISO certifications

All our main production sites around the world, Roches-Roussillon, Commentry (France), Burgos (Spain), and Nanjing (China), have renewed their ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and FAMI-QS certifications.

These QHSE norms serve as references in our relationships with our economic, technical and social partners. They show our engagement and expertise in terms of quality, safety and environmental management.

Successful integration of Nutriad employees

The employees of Nutriad, a company acquired at the beginning of 2018, were introduced to Adisseo during a “newcomers” seminar organised in early November. In total, 50 people from various regions and industrial sites took part in three integration days, exclusively organised by Adisseo staff members and with an opportunity to talk with all members of the Group’s Executive Committee.

The seminar’s objectives were to:

  • Engage the teams.
  • Present Adisseo’s vision, goals and strategies and describe the company’s culture and working methods.
  • Share Adisseo’s organisation, processes and methodology.

After an online training programme via the Group’s Intranet on general topics of sustainable development, the golden rules for safety and our products, several workshops were organised over two days.

Many topics were addressed including Adisseo’s values and behaviour, customer focus, product knowledge, ethics and compliance. The seminar ended with the visit to one of our clients and to our plants in Commentry and Nanjing.

Nutriad’s visit to Roussillon

For their integration within Adisseo, the manufacturing teams of the Nutriad sites in Kallo (Belgium) and Barbastro (Spain) visited Adisseo’s plant in Roussillon. Aside from the visit of the site and the methionine powder Rhodimet NP99 production unit, the goal was to raise their awareness about safety, Adisseo’s No. 1 priority.

Communication focused on the rigorous application of the six Golden Rules, the importance of the Safety Observation Forms and the effectiveness of Visual Management.

Action plans to integrate these elements on Nutriad’s sites are already ongoing.

Customers at the core of our activities

Adisseo organizes customer visits to its plants and its research centers to enable R&D and Production teams to exchange with them and better understand their expectations in order to develop solutions that meet their needs. These meetings are an illustration of our customer focus.

About us

The CINABIO research center in Toulouse opened its doors to Nutreco and ForFarmers. These companies were able to conduct in-depth observation of Adisseo’s R&D capacities and product portfolio, in particular with Rovabio, Alterion and Selisseo. Clients were particularly impressed by the laboratory’s research capacity and appreciated the opportunity to learn and exchange over two days.

More than 70 of Adisseo’s clients in Europe, Africa and the Middle East came to visit our production sites in Roussillon and Burgos during the Rhodimet Days. A discussion was organized with our experts about comparable nutritional efficiency between various forms of methionine, powder or liquid, and the benefits of liquid methionine use in animal feed manufacturing plants (among others: dosing accuracy, ease of use for storage and handling).

About us

Two ROYAL CANIN collaborators performed an audit on the Roches-Roussillon site – an opportunity to better understand customer expectations and to demonstrate control of corporate production processes.

Bluestar Adisseo Nanjing Co, Ltd (BANC) welcomed more than 50 clients and trade partners in the field of animal nutrition in the Asia-Pacific region and the Netherlands during the VIV China Nanjing 2018 trade fair. Discussions focused on market perspectives, key trends in the sector, the efficiency of Adisseo’s products, quality control management systems, production and delivery capacities and environmental impact management.


Adisseo became a subsidiary of the Chinese Bluestar Group in 2006. Since then, group revenue and employee numbers have risen year-on-year. In 2015, Adisseo became the first international company to have its shares traded on the Shanghai stock market.

Key figures for Adisseo


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including 5 INNOV’IA plants


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Our values


Which opens new paths to progress and new ways of succeeding together.

Team spirit

Which unites us in our successes and challenges.


Which underpins our interaction with customers and partners, ensuring that our actions are consistent with our words and values.


Each of us is a stakeholder in the company and a contributor to its success.
We encourage decisiveness, a sense of urgency, courage and delegation.

Results-focused culture

Which makes our actions effective and measurable, because we understand that success is built on the quest for performance, continuous improvement and listening to our customers.

Our behaviors




Risk taking (exc. for safety)

Customer focus

Creating value for Adisseo customers




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With its additives and nutritional solutions, Adisseo is improving the quality of animal feed. Its commitment is focused on contributing to livestock wellbeing, at the same time as promoting their growth, improving their health and reducing wastage. That goal is achieved with its 7 ranges of products designed specifically to optimize the performance of poultry, pig and dairy farming worldwide.

Our product ranges



This source of methionine is an essential amino acid and feed supplement for all animals. Rhodimet® is the solution to achieving the right methionine …


Adisseo is the pioneer in protected methionine for dairy cows and other ruminants…


This complete range of vitamins provides the quality and consistent reliability required to achieve the most demanding level of traceability…


This range of enzymatic preparations (Advance, Excel and Max) improves the digestibility of the plant-based nutrients used in poultry and pig feeds…


Selisseo® 2% Se is the innovative source of organic selenium developed by Adisseo from hydroxy-selenomethionine…


AdiSodium™ is a source of chlorine-free sodium. It provides an economical solution to achieving the correct electrolytic balance of feed for monogastric animals…


Alterion is a natural, non-GMO probiotic solution derived from a single strain of Bacillus subtilis

> More information available at feedsolutions.adisseo.com

About us

European leader in the development and production of new additives in powder form, Innov’IA strengthens Adisseo’s expertise in shaping their additives.

About us

Acquired by Adisseo in 2018, Nutriad has been a feed additives manufacturer for more than 50 years. The company offers a complete range of products in the fields of palatability and flavours, mycotoxin management and digestive efficiency.


Adisseo relies on a high level of upstream integration to secure its methionine value chain. Sulfuric acid is one of the most commonly used compounds across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, so in addition to ensuring its own security of supply, Adisseo also provides this product to external customers.
Adisseo offers its customers a regeneration service that makes the product ready for re-use, introducing a new way of promoting a virtuous circular economy. This service is greatly appreciated by industries that use large volumes of sulfuric acid, since it reduces both the environmental impact of their production processes and the carbon footprint of their products.
Our group is therefore a major force in sulfuric acid regeneration in France and Western Europe. Adisseo is fully engaged with the sustainability policy it applies internally and externally for the benefit of its customers.

Supporting customers with exclusive services

Adisseo offers its customers exclusive analytical and forecasting services designed to help them in using its products and give them greater nutritional control.

Three services that prove the point…


This online service allows Adisseo customers to request analyses and find out precisely which samples they should send…


Providing Precise Nutrition Evaluation, the Adisseo NIR service is a unique decision-support service…


The benefits: DIM (Serenity DIMension) is a set of services designed to help Adisseo switch easily from the use…

> More information available at feedsolutions.adisseo.com