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Adisseo is implementing reinforced action plans to ensure safety for all its activities. Ensuring the safety of people, installations, products, transportation and the environment is our No. 1 priority. Thanks to innovative methods and constant awareness, all staff members are working together to ensure an accident-free workplace “Zero Accidents”.



Safety Day 2018

Every year, Adisseo organises a World Safety Day within each entity, industrial site, trade area, research center and corporate divisions.

This event is meant to raise the awareness of safety among our 2200 staff members, the company’s No. 1 priority. On this occasion, training programmes, performances and visits are organised as well as discussions about our permanent goal of “Zero Accidents”.

A few examples of initiatives:

Participation of the team in community service by gathering hygiene kits for the “Clean the World” organization.
Discussions on the topic “Let’s remain vigilant for our entourage” and compliance with our 6 Golden Rules for Safety.
Interactive activities with augmented reality modules and the presence of an occupational therapist who talked about the “movements and postures” to adopt in your daily work.
Information sessions on the new safety instructions in the workplace and the 6 Golden Rules for Safety, and self-defence lessons were conducted.
Workshops and discussions on risk perception, the 6 Golden Rules, fire hazards and first aid.
Presentation by a professional on corporate psycho-social risks and quality of life in the workplace.
Focus on our 5s and our 6 Golden Rules, “Arrange, Sorting, Cleanliness and Tidying up” following the new layout of the office space: WeMove.
Meetings and team activities, entertainment stands to share on the themes: personal protective equipment (PPE), chemical risks, professional exposure, etc…

2018: Strong progression of our safety results over the year

For the first time, the results of our subsidiary Innov’IA has been included in the scope and consolidated. After a difficult first quarter in terms of safety performance, the last three quarters of 2018 all exceeded our target.

This led to a global frequency rate over the year of 0.76 (TRIR), i.e. 18 accidents to persons (including direct employees and sub-contractors from outside companies), with a very low severity rate of 0.05 (number of days lost per 1000 hours of work).

This performance is among the best in our field of activity. However, we wish to be even more ambitious and eventually reach our “Zero Accidents” target.

Number of accidents for 200,000 hours of work

TRIR (Total recordable Injuries Rate)


Training programme: Act safely

In order to improve safety performance in the long-term, Adisseo has chosen to raise awareness of the right actions among staff members and contractors working on the site.

Considering that the “Acting Safely” programme should not be confined to its staff members, Adisseo decided to train contractors to ensure everyone would adopt this approach and commit to it.

The first training session took place in September 2018 with the QHSE managers and leaders of seven companies: AB Maintenance, Actemium, Cimat Sartec, Kaefer Vanner, Onet, Suez Savac and SNEC.

At the end of the training session, all participants supported Adisseo’s “Acting Safely” approach.


work accidents


10 non-fatal work accidents causing severe injuries and sick leave happen every second in the world.

Source: ILO International Labour Organisation

“Zero Accidents”

 In 2018 as in previous years, Adisseo Spain recorded no accidents at all. This excellent result was rewarded once again with a COASHIQ Prize (Autonomous Commission for Safety and Hygiene in the Workplace for Chemical and Related Industries).

The Nanjing plant, represented by its General Manager Ru ChengJun and its Industrial Director Jean Paul Alozy, also received a distinction from the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park (NCIP) industrial platform for 1,000 days of accident-free activity.

This performance has been made possible thanks to our employees’ commitment, effective safety management and prevention training sessions.

1000 Days

on the Nanjing industrial platform


Raising awareness to biosafety

A workshop organised for 16 employees from the Centre of Expertise Research and Nutrition (CERN) enabled them to familiarise themselves with good practices to manage biosafety-related risks on a daily basis. Several new preventive actions were also determined.

A checking system for the efficiency of the disinfectant solution for Rotoluve (delivery access gate) has thus been implemented on site. This mechanism prevents the spread of pathogens within the research center, via road access.

This continuous improvement program is ensured thanks to a person hired as backup on a work-study contract studying Professional Technology in Physiology and Physiopathology applied to Animal Health.

Fire safety: Adisseo Burgos rewarded

Adisseo has been recognized for its contribution to the development of the city, its excellent work in terms of prevention of industrial risks and cooperation with the fire department.

In March 2018, a plaque expressing the gratitude of the city was awarded to Gerardo Juez, the Director of the plant and his team by Mr Javier Lacalle, mayor of Burgos and Head of the Fire Department.

Certified carriers

 In order to achieve its “Zero Accidents” target, Adisseo has applied a strict safety policy in all of its activities, especially in the field of transport, whether with regards to health hazards relating to products or risks of accidents with transport.

For maximum control of the risks of cross-contamination and in order to ensure the traceability of its products in the logistics chain, Adisseo complies with French and international standards by working closely with accredited carriers (QUALIMAT, GMP+, FAMI-QS, etc.).


For transportation of hazardous materials, Adisseo gives priority to rail over road transport and applies the best standards to the means of transportation. The ongoing deployment of GPS-tracking devices for product shipments also contributes to secure the transport of more hazardous materials.

Moreover, most of Adisseo’s road hauliers for hazardous materials have the SQAS certification (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability).

New fire safety measures in Roches

The Roches site has modernised its whole fire safety system with the acquisition of two new Ampliroll fire engines with hook lifts, the installation of digital radio relays and the reorganisation of the fire room.



Protected industrial sites

 In the context of terrorist threats in France and more broadly in Europe, the implementation of safety measures aiming to protect people, goods, products, processes, and information systems against all criminal and malicious activities has been pursued throughout 2018. The pertinence and effectiveness of these measures are recognised by the authorities through regular inspections and exchanges.

The procedures to access the sites in particular have been the object of significant investment. Management of the deliveries has been relocated outside the sites’ protection perimeter.

Anti-intrusion barriers for pedestrians have been reinforced and infra-red obstacles and barriers coupled with video-surveillance systems have been installed in sensitive areas.

The fundamental safety principle “Dissuade, Detect, Delay” is thus based on the concept of several successive “protection rings”, while constant vigilance by all remains an effective primary barrier.



of security investment in 2018