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Ensuring the safety of persons, installations, products, transport and the environment is Adisseo’s No. 1 priority. Reinforced action plans have been implemented to guarantee safety, thanks to innovative and continuous awareness-raising measures. Every day, all employees rally to reach the “Zero Accident” goal.



Safety Day 2019

Looking back at the annual Global Safety Day, organized in all of Adisseo’s industrial sites, business regions, research centres, and functional divisions through various animations, training sessions, visits, and discussions focusing on the “Zero Accident” goal. This event raises the awareness of employees to safety, the company’s No. 1 priority.

A few examples of initiatives:

Several workshops on wellbeing at work, relaxation, light therapy, review of the Highway Code, first aid training sessions
Highway Code training sessions, risks and collisions, creation of safety posters by teams
Simulation workshops and a Safety Escape Game
Workshops and discussions about notions of perception and decision-making, presentation of the ADISAFE programme and organization of a Safety Escape Game
Focus on the “6 Golden Rules”, safety observations (FOS), actions plans and inspections
Interactive exchanges, first-aid training sessions
Safety seminars and demonstrations around the construction of the new BANC II plant
Quiz on food safety, emergency instructions in case of an earthquake, prevention against crime, road safety
Discussions and animations on Adisseo’s safety culture

2019, the best year for safety

Our 2019 results represent Adisseo’s best ever performance in terms of safety. Despite a difficult second quarter, our safety performance over the three other quarters was good and very close to our objective.

This result is the fruit of various specific action plans dedicated to safety which are deployed throughout the company. Among them, several safety culture programmes were launched in the last few years in our most accident-prone sites. This performance is also linked to the deployment of good practices and of our safety culture on the sites of subsidiary and recently acquired companies such as Nutriad and Inodry.

Number of accidents per 200,000 hours worked

TRIR (Total recordable Injuries Rate)


Adisafe, for an integrated safety culture

In 2019 the Adisafe programme was launched in the Roches-Roussillon site, which also included staff from Bayonne. Adisafe is an approach that aims to establish an integrated safety culture, i.e. involve all employees to reach the shared objective of “Zero Accident” defined by Adisseo. Indeed, good safety performance is the result of everyone’s vigilance and actions.

Nine areas of work have been defined, based on a diagnostic in the form of a questionnaire and interviews, undertaken with the help of the staff. Common knowledge, roles and responsibilities, and the management of instrumental safety barriers were already addressed at the end of the year.

The approach is based on the idea of enabling and seeking the participation of as many people as possible.


people die every day in the world due
to an occupational accident


7500 people die every day in the world from accidents at work or occupational diseases.

Source: ILO, International Labor Organization


work accidents


10 non-fatal work accidents causing severe injuries and sick leave happen every second in the world.

Source: ILO International Labour Organisation

Towards a “Zero Accident” goal

In 2019 Adisseo’s safety performance was excellent thanks to many preventive measures as well as the involvement of all internal and external employees. The sites in Nanjing and Burgos illustrate this commitment:


Adisseo Burgos obtained new awards for its safety performance: the MC-Mutual prize for going beyond 5 years without accidents and the COASHIQ prize for going 3 years without accident.



Construction for the second Rhodimet® AT88 liquid methionine production platform has already totalled more than 2 million working hours without accident. This strategic project represents a significant investment of EUR 435 million and will contribute to the development of Adisseo’s global liquid methionine sales.

2 Million

of working hours
without accident

First aid training course

Training in first aid means being able to react as fast as possible in accident situations and saving lives.

Aside from the 17 workplace first-aiders on site, 60% of Antony’s employees have attended a first aid training course.

The Red Cross came to our offices to organize several training sessions during Adisseo’s annual Safety Day and the European Heart Failure Awareness Days.

Those reflexes and basic notions will also help everyone in their personal lives.

10 %

of Antony’s staff

trained in first aid

Coordination with public emergency services

In December 2019 the Commentry site welcomed 15 or so professional officers and volunteers from the Allier Departmental Fire and Emergency Service to exchange ideas with Adisseo’s teams about safety processes.

This occasion allowed everyone to discuss the roles and responsibilities of various actors (public and private) in the case of emergency situations. The visitors were introduced to the activities on site as well as to major possible accident scenarios and the different means of controlling them. The day ended with a visit of the whole site.

New railway accesses for Burgos

In October 2019 Adisseo Burgos inaugurated new railway installations in the presence of representatives Renfe and Adif (national railway companies) as well as raw material suppliers Tramesa, Fertiberia and Tepsa.

The guests attended a presentation of the site and its evolution from 1975 to the present, highlighting the growing importance of railway transport since the beginning of its activities.

The event ended with a visit of the new facilities as well as of the unloading stations for raw materials.

This EUR 6.9 million investment has helped improve working conditions for operators as well as safety during handling operations, movement of wagons and pedestrian traffic. The creation of a Rhodimet® AT88 liquid methionine loading station now enables direct delivery to customers by wagon rather than trucks, thereby ensuring better safety conditions and a reduced impact on the environment.

Technical interruption 2019

Every two years the Roches-Roussillon site organizes technical interruptions on its production sites and carries out maintenance operations, regulatory checks and changes relating to improvement projects. The technical interruption is an investment of more than EUR 20 million and a large-scale operation, with hundreds of people working (employees and external parties) for several weeks.

A safety “Zero Accidents” challenge, rewarding the best individual and collective practices, has been implemented with the commitment of everyone, to successfully carry out the many complex operations in the safest possible conditions.

The Commentry and Burgos sites also carry out this type of essential operations, since technical interruptions also contribute to meeting the quality, health & safety and environmental requirements.



Deployment of good practices

In 2019 the Barbastro (Spain) and Kallo (Belgium) sites increased their level of application of good safety practices. An action plan was set out with the implementation of new individual and collective protective equipment, reinforced signage (traffic plan, light signalling on handling chariots), and changes to certain installations for more safety. Training sessions were carried out for the employees to adopt good reflexes, appropriate the “6 Golden Rules” and Adisseo’s safety culture.

In April Adisseo CEO Jean-Marc Dublanc visited the sites and observed the effective implementation of these good practices.


In 2019, the North American teams have also developed  a wholistic approach to safety. Various training sessions were conducted: shooting sessions given by the local police department, an interactive presentation on first aid, and ergonomical exercises.

In the field, they reviewed our Rhodimet® AT88 feed mill safety product stewardship program by emphasizing its value to our customers. Similarly, safety management at the production plants in Hampshire (USA) has been improved (Employee awareness of the 6 golden rules, reinforcement of safety signs, new security system).

Crisis management tools training session

Preparations for managing emergency situations that might present an immediate risk of causing serious harm to people’s health, goods and the environment is an essential element for any health and safety management programme.

The basis for these preparations includes having an internal operational plan and contingency arrangements with an appropriate training course and a test and exercise programme.

The Roches-Roussillon site reinforced training sessions for its HSE executives and team leaders to learn about good reflexes and the use of crisis management tools in order to better understand interactions with regulatory authorities (DREAL, CODIS, prefecture, town council, police force).

The training module, delivered by GESIP (Petroleum Fire Safety Study Group) is based on various operational tools shared between industries and public emergency services. Adisseo’s HSE support helped with the transposition of theory to the practical tools used. During this training course, four tools were presented: the situation sheet, the log book, the tactical situation (SITAC) and SAOIELC.