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Social Responsibility

& solidarity

As a company that pursues a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, Adisseo aims to guarantee the satisfaction and commitment of its employees through measures that promote wellbeing, health at work, diversity and solidarity (local events, support to humanitarian organizations, etc.).


Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Adisseo implements its Code of Ethics

Adisseo’s Code of Ethics sets out the company’s values and conduct. It reflects the company’s commitment in terms of integrity and ethics and reinforces its reputation thanks to just and transparent business practices. It sets out principles and rules of conduct for all employees, whatever their function and position, which they undertake to respect and implement on a daily basis in the course of their duties.

Adisseo’s Code of Ethics addresses topics such as conflicts of interest, anti-corruption policies, anti-competitive practices, guidance in terms of gifts and entertainment, fight against fraud, respect for human rights, safety at work, harassment prevention, equal opportunity and the protection of personal data.

In 2019 Adisseo organized a general training session for all employees on a variety of topics with online training sessions (e-learning) as well as classroom lectures.

At the same time a platform to report illegal conduct was implemented.


“The success of a company is based on the trust of its stakeholders, including business partners, civil society, shareholders and especially employees. Success can only be gained by ensuring transparency, reliability and equality.”

Jean-Marc Dublanc, Adisseo CEO

Adisseo, silver medallist of Ecovadis

Ecovadis awarded silver to Adisseo for its CSR performances with a global score of 57/100.

In Environmental terms, Adisseo is ranked in the top 9 companies evaluated in the field of animal feed manufacturers.

In Social and Human Rights terms, Adisseo is ranked in the top 25 companies evaluated in the field of animal feed manufacturers.

This result leaves Adisseo clearly above the average in its field (45/100).

CSR Performance     Insufficient     Partial     Moderate     Advanced     Outstanding               Average score


Social Responsibility

82nd percentile





Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

Ecovadis is a renowned assessment body which aims to promote and foster ethical, social and environmental performance throughout the supply chain.

This recognition encourages Adisseo to pursue its efforts in terms of sustainable development. Management of environmental impact as well as social policy are the company’s strong points. The detailed analysis of the results will help us define areas for improvement in the field of responsible purchases, and finalise the implementation of the Code of Ethics and related training sessions.

Sustainable procurement

Supplier risk management has become a central issue for Adisseo, not only in terms of its business continuity but also more broadly in application of its Responsible Procurement policy.

A complete screening of all our suppliers is carried out annually according to the Responsible Procurment issues of each purchasing category, in order to guarantee the sustainability of our supplies.

Action plans are defined and include industrial investments to secure the supply of raw materials as well as the establishment of sustainable partnerships with suppliers.

This is supplemented by systematic consideration of CSR aspects in all purchasing strategies, the formalization of these aspects in all purchasing requirements documents as well as in all annual supplier assessments. Specific CSR audits are implemented for suppliers considered at risk.

Establishing stable and responsible relationships with our suppliers is the foundation for building sustainable supply chains.

Social Responsibility

Adisseo finances the construction of a research centre in Brazil

Adisseo gave financial support for the construction of a new research centre dedicated to poultry at the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil), with a donation of USD 3500. Inaugurated in May 2019, this facility will benefit first- and second-cycle students of the University of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine. Local students, academic staff, professionals from the poultry industry and Adisseo’s team in Sao Paolo were present for the opening ceremony.

This project is part of the academic development and poultry production research for the region of Paraná.

Participate in the training of future professionals

Adisseo participates in the students’ training and professional integration. Every year, the company hires many interns and student workers from various levels from BAC to BAC +5.

In 2019, 96 students in France chose Adisseo to develop their skills.

Adisseo has also opened its doors to 14- and 15-year old secondary school students in Antony – a privileged moment to enable them to discover the company’s activities through interactive workshops such as “La Fresque du Climat”.

Social Responsibility


recruted in 2019


Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Recognition of employees

Adisseo attaches particular importance to valuing its employees and recognising their work.

In 2019 the plant in Nanjing organized a ceremony for the promotion of 29 of its employees. Mr. Ru Chengjun, the General Director of the Nanjing plant and its Industrial Director Jean-Paul Alozy, congratulated the staff on their commitment.

Three employees received the “Responsible Care” project prize awarded by the Jiangbei Union.

In Commentry 26 medals were awarded to employees for their 20 to 45 years of commitment and their contribution to the company.

The Nanjing plant celebrates its 10th anniversary

In 2019 the Nanjing site celebrated its 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion an event was organized for all Chinese staff. After a review of the site’s activities, the Director General, Mr. Ru Chengjun, presented the plant’s record in terms of people safety, process security, environmental protection and production over the last ten years.

Mr. Bian Zhongwu, Director of Nanjing’s “New Material Science and Technology Park” which Adisseo is part of, congratulated and recognised our staff for their excellent work in all these fields. A prize was awarded to the employees for their involvement.

Social Responsibility

30th Bluestar Summer Camp

In July the 30th Bluestar Summer Camp took place. This annual event gives the opportunity to the children of the employees of all of Bluestar Group’s companies and subsidiaries throughout the world to spend three weeks in China. In 2019, eight children of Adisseo employees from four different countries took part in the programme.

The aim of this initiative is to promote multicultural communication and to contribute to the development of children’s curiosity and understanding of Chinese culture. This is done through various activities: cultural visits, sports and stays with local families. The children also got to discover Beijing, visit the Great Wall and participate in a show presented during the opening ceremony for the 30th anniversary of the Bluestar Summer Camp. A wonderful experience that they are unlikely to forget!

A new award for the Addixyz training tool

Adisseo launched a digital training tool for tablet, Addixyz, in June 2017. This training device is destined for operators in the chemical industry.

Recognised by digital training experts as a functional, cutting-edge tool, Addixyz was awarded the 1st Prize for Excellence in the Digital Training category by CEGOS in 2018.

Social Responsibility

Since then the project has been the subject of numerous talks including at France Chimie in early 2019 under the aegis of M. Bonnell, Deputy from the Rhône Département.

In July, Addixyz was awarded a new prize: The Special “Coup de Coeur” Prize awarded by the think tank for Human Resources & Management (RH&M) and the Global Talent Observatory. Created in 2010, the event aims to contribute to the emergence of innovative talent management concepts to deal with national and international challenges, the virtualisation of management, new technologies and diversity.

Appointment and Adoption of Adisseo’s values

Adisseo advocates certain values and conducts, including Courage, Engagement, Customer Focus, Respect and Simplicity, which are structural elements in its corporate culture.

Several brainstorming and interactive presentation sessions focusing on Adisseo’s values and conducts took place in all of Adisseo’s entities.

These workshops aim to rally the teams, reinforce the importance of these elements and enable employees to exchange ideas on the company’s culture.

Training at Adisseo in 2019

In Europe by employee and professional category

Social Responsibility

*Workers, Technicians, Supervisors (non-management)

Total global labor force by region in 2019*

Social Responsibility

employees in 2019

2018 labor force : 2178
2017 labor force : 1895

*Full-Time Equivalent Staffing

Gender equality study

Committed to being an inclusive and socially responsible company, Adisseo attaches great importance to professional equality within its French entities. To this end a study was carried out and the company received a mark of 76/100, based on the following five indicators:
• Differences in pay between men and women for a similar position per age bracket,
• Percentage of men and women having benefitted from an individual raise during the year,
• Percentage of men and women having benefitted from a promotion during the year,
• Percentage of women to have received a raise upon returning from maternity or adoption leave,
• Number of women among the ten highest earners.

10 /100

of overall score

Enhance diversity

Adisseo supports EllesBougent (in France) and STEM Talent Girl (in Spain), associations which aim to enhance diversity in companies in sectors where women are under-represented, as in the technology industry and tech-related activities. EllesBougent and STEM Talent Girl have rallied to foster talent diversity in training courses, federations, associations, secondary schools and institutions as well. They fight against the stereotypes that weigh on the industry and encourage young women to consider a career in science and technology.

By joining EllesBougent and STEM Talent Girl, Adisseo has shown its desire to integrate more women within its activities.

Ensure health and wellbeing in the company

For its health and wellbeing at work policy, Adisseo promotes various measures.

For “Pink October”, the Commentry site organized a screening event for breast cancer. This is the leading cause of cancer death for women, although early detection in 9 times out of 10 leads to recovery.

In Roches-Roussillon, an occupational psychologist offers weekly consultations. Meditation and micro-nap sessions are also available for volunteer employees to help them reduce their stress and offer more comfortable working conditions.

As a member of the Polígono Saludable association, which includes companies from the industrial area in Burgos, Adisseo Spain organizes many activities to promote health and wellbeing at work: anti-smoking and anti-obesity campaigns have been carried out, a hike for employees organised and a football and cycling team built.

In Antony and Burgos, Adisseo employees can gather with their families for playful workshops during the Family Days. For Christmas, Burgos participants made “chocomet AT-quatrebiscuit” biscuits!

Since 2010 teams in Nanjing have taken part in the annual Zhuzhen Marathon.

Promote exchanges

For its corporate social responsibility, Adisseo organizes events that contribute to strengthen employees’ engagement and team work in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


Meet & Share” events are organized to share information with employees on site about the company, its trades and activities and current affairs. “Lunch and Learn” events foster exchanges between teams and breaks down barriers.

The “AdiBuddy” integration programme provides support for newcomers thanks to an employee who helps them integrate and answers their questions and beyond that, is there for them.


Working Together” days, exchanging and sharing in work groups to come up with ideas and objectives relating to safety, reliability and competitiveness.


In Dendermonde (Belgium) in September, employees organize work meetings and end the day with a friendly moment around a barbecue.


Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Events around Sustainable Development Week

Adisseo is a committed company and as such, several activities have been organized around the world during Sustainable Development Week.


The team went to Singapore’s National Water Agency NEWater drop-in centre for an interactive visit and a workshop where the team got acquainted with the water treatment process.

Sao Paolo

A sustainable activity per day with simple measures to limit waste in the environment. An open discussion with a nutritionist to get rid of persistent beliefs and habits.

Massage and yoga sessions in the offices to reduce stress, improve sleep and strengthen health…


The Cinachem team is decided to creating a green area to preserve bees and pollinating insects, since the protection of insects is essential for the balance of our natural environment.

Social Responsibility

Several workshops have been organized to create a “Fresque du Climat” in order to better understand the origins of climate change and its impact on our planet.


A busy programme: sustainable race, contribution to the “Pas d’enfant sans moustache” campaign, a sustainable market with EUR 900 collected for disabled people.

Commentry, Roches-Roussillon

In Commentry, priority is given to the “Zero Waste” campaign.

In Roches-Roussillon, our employees made their own washing powder.

Adisseo contributes to the employability of people with disabilities

Adisseo’s Disability approach is in line with its global CSR approach. As a member of Handicap Officiel, Adisseo is committed to promoting jobs for people with disabilities.

For three years Commentry has counted 6% of people with disabilities among its staff. In 2019, 3 temporary staff with disabilities were hired and 4 employees benefitted from job maintenance support.

Social Responsibility

Adisseo has partnered with several ESATs, including “Les Ateliers de Fresnes” and contributes to hiring people with disabilities, for example to prepare cocktails, clean work clothes, maintain green areas and archive documents.

This year Adisseo won the Integration prize at the 15th “Trophées Handicap & Entreprises” for supporting employees with its qualifying training programme.

Adisseo celebrated the European Disability Employment Week and the International Day of Disabled Persons with various activities:

Burgos: a quiz to raise awareness of the topic.
Antony: a sign language workshop to communicate without speaking and a lecture by blind horse rider Ophélie Fatwiski.
Commentry: a photo exhibition and hearing screenings were offered to employees.
Roches-Roussillon: “Handi poursuite”, a game to test employees’ knowledge of disabilities.
Mexico: a quiz, talks and a poster campaign.

Social Responsibility
1 %

of our
protein needs


Animal protein contributes to 25% of our protein needs.

Source : Global Food FAO stat 2016

Solidarity: Adisseo rallies

Every year Adisseo’s entities take part in community initiatives and make financial and material donations to various associations.

Social Responsibility


At the initiative of the employees, a book collection for the association RecycLivres was organized in Antony.

The operation was a success and more than 28 boxes with close to 300 books were donated.


A charity collection campaign in partnership with UNICEF was undertaken in Barbastro.

At Christmas a food collection was organized. Finally, employees ran to support the fight against cancer among women.


The Burgos site donated part of its old but still functional office furniture to the association Aspanias.


Sao Paolo’s employees participated in a community race, the “Italia Esperienza 6K”.

The total amount paid for the registrations was donated to the NGO Gaia+, which helps send more than 9000 children to school in Brazil.

World Egg Day

World Egg Day is celebrated every 2nd Friday of the month of October and contributes to raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and their importance in human nutrition. For ten years Dr Sachin Ingewar, Adisseo Business Director for the Indian subcontinental region, has taught children the nutritional value and importance of eggs.

His personal initiative is also supported by his wife, Dr Pinky.