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Social Responsibility

& caring

Adisseo ensures the satisfaction and commitment of its staff members through its corporate social responsibility policy by supporting numerous initiatives in favour of health and wellbeing at work, diversity and solidarity (local events, support for humanitarian organisations).



Establishing partnerships with major universities

Adisseo has signed an agreement with the University of Arkansas (USA) for the creation of an endowment fund for professorships and to collaborate in terms of research in order to promote the development of sustainable strategies for poultry nutrition.

“We are convinced that this partnership will be beneficial for academic research and its applications in the industry”, said Mark Cochran, Vice President for Agriculture at the University of Arkansas.

“Once the endowed chair is filled, ongoing research will be developed jointly in both institutions and reinforced by broader projects”, said Stefan Jakob, Research & Development Director in Animal Health and Nutrition at Adisseo.

Social Responsibility

Teaming up with universities

Adisseo North & Central America recently concluded its third Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow (PLT) seminar in collaboration with Texas A&M University.

PLT is an invitation-only educational event for graduate students in Poultry Science and Veterinary Medicine.

This event gathers together leaders from academia and the industry in order to exchange with students the main issues in the sector and to enable the development of collaborative solutions.

This year, the three-day seminar focused on intestinal health throughout the poultry production cycle.

Open Doors for National Chemistry Week

The “Open Doors for National Chemistry Week”, a national event supported by France Chimie, took place from 6 to 14 October 2018 when some 300 students had the opportunity to visit the site in Commentry and to measure its importance in the local employment market – an opportunity also to discover various lines of business and nurture vocations.


Social Responsibility

Hélène Dos Santos – Year 12 Science

“It was rather interesting, I didn’t know much and I find it good that Adisseo focuses on safety and the environment.”

Social Responsibility

Axel Terrisse – Year 12 Science

“It’s very impressive, I didn’t know so many people worked on the site. Adisseo is very serious about safety measures.”

A combination of science and expertise

In order to assist with processes and new product innovation projects, Cinachem has struck R&D partnerships with certain universities and organised meetings during the Catalysis Days – an opportunity for students to freely present their research topics in front of experts.

This year, 30 researchers took part in the 5th Catalysis Days. The topics addressed by the students focused mainly on improving methionine competitiveness.

Manufacturing of one of our intermediate products:


at 475 °C without catalysis

Less than
an hour

at 375 °C with the industrial catalyst

Discovering future talent

For the 34th National Chemistry Olympiad (NCO) on the theme “Chemistry in the City”, Adisseo awarded the first prize of the Auvergne regional competition, to Etienne Cadet, a final-year student. This competition involves students from French and foreign secondary schools and aims to guide the best of them towards professions in the sector.

By teaming up with this event, Adisseo asserts its will to participate in the initial training of youngsters and develop its visibility and reputation among them.

Social Responsibility

AgroParisTech’s visit at CERN


For the 6th consecutive year, the research center at CERN (Centre of Expertise and Research in Nutrition) welcomed 50 students engineers from AgroParisTech, a university-level Agronomy school.

A privileged moment for the students which helps them see the concrete industry, and more specifically animal feed-related applications of their various teachings and classes in their course of studies.

Contributing to training future professionals

Every year, Adisseo recruits numerous internships and working students from various curriculums (A-levels to MA degree). The company actively takes part in the students’ training and integration.

In 2018, 136 students in France chose Adisseo to develop their skills.

100 apprentices

and trainees recruited

Roussillon opens its doors to students from the CPE Lyon School

In January, the Roussillon site welcomed 11 students from the process engineering section in Lyon. After a presentation of the methionine manufacturing process, they took part in a workshop led by two staff members from the platform who showed them the equipment which they study during their training course.

Promoting chemistry-related jobs

In February, Adisseo was present at the “Chemistry Villages” at Le Mondial des Métiers Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes at Eurexpo (Lyon, France) and the Parc Floral in Vincennes (Paris).

Organised by France Chimie, these yearly events provide A-level and graduate students with the opportunity to discover initial, secondary and internship training courses, the jobs offered by companies in the Chemistry and Natural and Life Sciences sectors.

The 2018 Eurexpo trade fair was a great success with more than 119,000 visitors.



Sales Academy Adisseo – Train, develop, integrate and motivate

Training is an essential tool in our corporate strategy and a key factor for the commitment of our staff members. In this context, Adisseo has implemented a “Sales Academy Adisseo” – a training program intended for sales and technical teams. Its objectives are to define an Adisseo’s standard sales method for all the sales teams across the world, promote performance by professionalising our sales force, develop skills improvement or our staff members, reinforce a sense of belonging, and contribute to group-wide emulation.



follow the Sales Academy

Social Responsibility

The Sales Academy Adisseo is a program made up of several modules (product training, sales skills, negotiation, tool training, etc.) with steady progress between each level.

The training programme alternates digital modules (M@dison), attendance-based training sessions and an interactive training session with role-playing and simulation.

The Sales Academy Adisseo also aims to develop Adisseo’s brand name.

Adisseo staff members share their views

Since 2014, Adisseo has been conducting an “Adisseo and I” satisfaction survey every two years with all its staff members across the world. In 2018, 1919 people answered 66 questions online covering 13 topics. The 84% participation rate increased compared to the 2016 survey. The long-term commitment rate reached 72%, highlighting the relationship between proximity managers and wellbeing at work.

Social Responsibility

At the end of the survey, each manager received the results for their entity in order to analyse and define with their teams an action plan to meet the expectations expressed. Adisseo’s Executive Committee has chosen to communicate more on the company’s global strategy and to better recognise individual and team contributions.

It is also committed to going into the field more often to talk with staff members, understand their expectations and support concrete local actions by relying more heavily upon local managers. “Everyone’s contribution to the development of Adisseo’s performance is essential to build together a prosperous, profitable and growing company for the future”, said Jean-Marc Dublanc.

Adisseo creates its own Addixyz training tool

This year, thanks to its blended, training concept, Adisseo received the Grand Prize at the Digital Learning Excellence Awards for its Addixyz project.

Organised every year by the Cegos group, the ceremony rewards the most innovative and effective learning devices. The objective is to promote digital training tools which are now deployed in the corporate and academic world.

Addixyz trains new operators in Adisseo’s production chains by offering a professional qualification certificate training programme in association with Oleum-Total. This training method in the workplace has reduced the average learning time of new staff members by 20% while reinforcing safety and the reliability of our facilities.

Training at Adisseo in 2018

In Europe by employee and professional category

Social Responsibility

*Workers, Technicians, Supervisors (non-management)

Total global labor force by region in 2018

Social Responsibility

employees in 2018

2017 labor force: 1895
2016 labor force: 1831

Recognised staff members

Adisseo attaches importance to recognising its staff members and their work. To illustrate this commitment, the Nanjing plant commended its employees for their involvement and their observations in risk management. An award ceremony was organised for the occasion.

Social Responsibility

A new dynamic workspace in Antony

Adisseo Antony’s employees have enjoyed a new workspace since September 2018. Designed together with the employees, the “Move In” project requested six months of preparation.

The dynamic and very open environment allows for better communication and fosters sharing and creativity in a pleasant working atmosphere that guarantees everyone’s wellbeing. It takes into account the diversity of working situations and adapts to the company’s changing needs, thanks to its flexibility.

Healthy Industrial Center

Adisseo Spain has joined 12 other companies in Burgos’ “healthy industrial center” project organised by the Villalonquéjar Business Association. The initiative promotes employee health and wellbeing by organising physical activities and awareness-raising and illness-prevention workshops.

Preventing psycho-social risks, reducing sleep disorders, eating healthy and stopping tobacco consumption are issues that are all addressed. These topics, already addressed in other Adisseo entities can prove very useful whether in the workplace or at home.

The company relies on this type of project to improve quality of life at work, a source of commitment and loyalty-creation for staff members.

A new concierge service ONE

Staff members based in Adisseo’s headquarters will now enjoy a concierge service thanks to the ONEApp. This innovative concept offers a wide range of both professional and private services (seminars, conferences, leisure activities, medical appointments, childcare, etc.) for optimal organisation. The app has already been adopted by many staff members. In three months, a hundred or so requests have been made. This convenient tool helps deal with daily obligations while gaining in efficiency.

Social Responsibility

Raising awareness about 5 behaviours

“Courage, Respect, Customer Focus, Engagement, Simplicity” are part of Adisseo’s identity and are pillars in our corporate strategy. In November, for the integration of Nutriad’s teams, workshops to learn about the “5 behaviours” took place in every entity across the world. Over two days, participants got to discover and immerse themselves in Adisseo’s culture through interactive presentations, videos, feedback on their experience and situation simulations. Thus, everyone was able to apprehend the 5 behaviours and their implementation at work.

Social Responsibility

Contributing to the wellbeing of staff

Convinced that wellbeing at work is a source of commitment for staff members, Adisseo has multiplied its initiatives.

The Roches Roussillon site organised sophrology sessions, based on relaxation techniques, to develop serenity and release stress.

During the “Pink October” campaign, a breast cancer specialist came to São Paulo to talk about prevention and diagnosis to the teams in South America.

At the Antony headquarters, staff members can practice regular physical activity during Pilates and running sessions monitored by a coach.

The Commentry site launches communication campaigns about health. Staff members hoping to stop smoking can consult a tobacco specialist.



Adisseo helps combat poverty in China

In the context of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, Adisseo is helping combat poverty in China. In order to support economic development in China’s rural areas, 30 of our staff members collected donations during the Xianlin Marathon. In total, Adisseo donated CNY 100,000 to livestock farmers in Gulang Province. This financial contribution helped with the creation of sheep farms and aquaculture centers in the province of Gansu, in north-central China.

1 %

of our
protein needs


Animal protein contributes to 25% of our protein needs.

Source : Global Food FAO stat 2016

Asia-Pacific region takes part in associative activities

 Adisseo Asia Pacific supports the associative activities of PHILSAN (Philippine Society of Animal Nutritionists) by participating in fundraising every year. In 2018, PHP (Philippine Pesos) 500 were donated to the “Give a Smile” association. After helping victims of the typhoon in the north of the Philippines in 2017, Adisseo is helping children with cancer in the Visayas region.

Social Responsibility

Adisseo, a committed partner

Every year, Adisseo’s different entities take part in community events with material, financial and food donations for various associations. Here are a few examples:

Adisseo Commentry has taken part in the “Virades de l’Espoir”, a national day dedicated to cystic fibrosis research since 2011 by providing financial support for the organisation of a hike. Furthermore, the site has been sponsoring the town’s rugby club for three years, purchasing jerseys, shorts and other equipment.

In Spain, food and work clothes’ collections were carried out for NGOs, and a “community café” was organised for Adisseo’s staff members.

In São Paolo, staff members took part in donating blood as well as carrying out other donations: clothing, drugs, hygiene kits, food and toys.

Promoting professional integration for disabled people

Adisseo Roches Roussillon took part in the Handiagora fair in Lyon. The event dedicated to disability in the workplace is a privileged place to discuss employment opportunities with a particular focus on work/study training programmes. Thus, disabled youth and adults can discuss their professional projects with employers, training organisations and technical solutions’ providers.

By taking part in this type of meeting with a recruitment booth, Adisseo aims to communicate about its trades and develop disability mainstreaming within the company.